This email object is also known as the email sender or mail object is used as a mail sender and allows developers to send emails using the google apps SMTP through the google apps port,

The SMTP port can be setup with the google apps SMTP port and the SMTP credentials can be setup automatically
Use the SMTP email object and the SMTP email sender to send emails quickly and easily,
Our .NET email object won the best email object and the best email Sender for .NET email.
Easy email Sender and easy email object are the same as the .NET email sender emailer email tool.
Email automation cab be done with the email c# version as well as with the email c# beginner and email c# beginners.
Please note that the email vb, email vb beginner and email vb beginners and both email software that can be used to generate mass email software and be used as a mail sender tool.
A mail sending utility and the mail sending tool can both be used to develop a mail sender software.
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Easy Cache For Web Farms
Support cahing on multiple machine environment such as Web Garden, Cache your objects and data for specific time periods and avoid repeated database calls for achieving better performance and response times.
This mechanism can be set on and off directly from your "Web.config" and machines that will participate in the caching process can be defined.
Caching was never easier, take advantage of our practical examples and learn how to implement caching in your own .NET project in just minutes.
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