Everything You Wanted to Know About Us
Who Are We
MicroMighty, Inc. is a privately held corporation founded by Mr. Yovav Gad.
We are a lawful company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.
Please Contact Us if you wish to learn more about our investment options.
What We Do
We have developed a framework code base named "SocialDrive" and a SDK for some of our components that together act as an engine for web portals and can reduce the Systems Development Life Cycle time of such projects to less than half while developers can remain focused more on project specifics.
Our solution includes features like a scalable database, base entities and serializable objects, database managed language resources, a built-in caching mechanism, secured user authentication system based on the Microsoft's ASP.NET Membership and user roles, ability to record user interactions, ability to record and accept payments, sending automatic emails and email templates, advanced built-in error reporting and logging and more.
We focus on performance utilizing Microsoft's best patterns and practices, so developers can get a great starting point building complex web solutions with social networking characteristics and save a ton of time on commonly dealt with problems, avoid architecture issues and have a running baby instantly.
While implementing our solutions using Microsoft's most recent products, patterns and practices we are proud to be listed at the Microsoft Startup Zone and take advantage of the Microsoft BizSpark program.