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The MicroMighty Software Development Kit (SDK) is a collection of objects and components that were designed to help ASP.NET developers to add commonly used tools and functionality to their project instantly without spending valuable time on lower level coding while using our tested objects.
See our Components section and find out what you can add to your project by simply adding a reference to our SDK DLLs, the SDK includes examples with source code and usage instructions that will get you going in just minutes.
Save on R&D and use our Practical Examples to boost up your solution.
MicroMighty SDK
HTTP Compression does not require code changes to your ASP.NET project.

Our top of the line technology uses the GNU ZIP standard to seamlessly compress your web pages on the server and serve them back to end users up to 80% smaller - it will also work with any MIME type of your choosing !
Dramatically reduce bandwidth and make your web site more responsive, it is a FREE download and implementation is easy - try HTTP Compression today.
Here is a sample HTTP Response analysis for our "Link Exchange" page before and after using compression, data size shrank from 82Kb to just 16Kb
HTTP Compression Module