With this desktop application you can change resolution or to set your screen size and screen mode to a specific screen size.

You can also increase screen resolution and in some cases to fix screen resolution or change screen resolution.

Changing screen or changing screen resolution with custom screen resolution can be done by using hot keys with any key combination.

Read our article on how to change screen resolution to solve your problems changing screen resolution.

This resolution changer can help you changing screen resolution and even changing screen resolution on tv,

The screen sizes and tv screen resolution can be controled and end users can avoid technical issues and screen resolution problem.
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Screen Mode Switch
Easy switch between screen modes with the world's best solution for changing screen resolution, define a hot key for each pre defined screen and customize your favorite screen modes to show up in the tray menu.
Change resolution also when having no access to the system settings, switch screens directly from the menu or by using hot key combinations.
Quickly change resolution for your presentation to fit nicer on projectors, test applications and web sites in specific screen sizes and much more.
This license and subscription are for a period of 1 year
  • This license is for personal use only
  • Up to 15 configurable screen modes
  • Can be installed on up to 3 personal computers
  • Not valid for a company, an organization or an institution

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