Software Development Kit
Add Reference
Sample Web Page
How to add a reference to the MicroMighty SDK DLLs
Follow these steps
  • Open Visual Studio and load your web project
  • Right click the web project and choose "Add Reference"
  • Go one level up and select the DLLs from ThirdParty/Library/MicroMighty.SDK
  • Done, now you can right click the web project again and see the added references.
Once the references were added to the Visual Studio project
Include the name spaces in your source code in order to gain access to the SDK features
For example:
  • For C# :
    using MicroMighty.SDK.Net.Tools;
    using MicroMighty.SDK.Web.Tools;
  • For VB :
    Imports MicroMighty.SDK.Net.Tools
    Imports MicroMighty.SDK.Web.Tools
You can use this SDK for personal use only, any commercial use or use for other
type of organization including non profit on a production server is not allowed.

You may not publish, sell, re-distribute, rent, lease or re-license any content
contained in this source code and/or DLLs and/or other components of the SDK
without an explicit written permission agreement signed by MicroMighty, Inc.

MicroMighty, Inc. reserves the right to permanently cancel without any warnings
neither refund a license that is suspected of being used illegitimately or that
violates the EULA (